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Guru Om Shastri Ji is a trusted name in India, having a group of world-renowned purohits and pandits who perform online pujas and yagnas for you.

Puja is an act of showing reverence to God or Goddess through prayers, invocations, rituals, and songs. Homam is Puja and chanting the mantra for a particular deity to please the deity by invoking fire, or Agni. Puja and Homam are being performed with the prime goal of peace, satisfaction, and happiness in your life.

Havan: There is a substance in it that is given away in the fire as a sacrifice. Divine offerings—fruits, sweets, ghee, and pots—are offered in the ignited fire in the havan kund. To worship any god, the offerings of Mantras by Havan reach directly to God through Agni Dev. In ancient times, havan (yajna) was used to get rid of any acute situation. To get relief in the battle of the king, to get rid of any fierce illness, and to get rid of drought and flood, Even today, big politicians organize big havans for victory in elections and get success too.

There are various types of pujas:

1. Astrological Puja.  2. Commercial puja  3. Dev Puja. 4. Festival Puja.  5. Home And Housing Puja. 6. Kids Puja. 7. Navgrah puja & Paath.

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